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Popular Styles

Quiet and LightYamaha EF2000iS Inverter GeneratorFor CampingGenerac 5793 iX2000 Portable Inverter GeneratorFor ContractorsYamaha EF6600DE Professional Generator
- Inverter technology.
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Best Types

PortableDuroMax XP4400E Portable GeneratorStandbyGenerac CorePower 5837 Standby GeneratorRVGenerac RV Generator
- Easy to move.
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- Works when needed.
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- Power your RV.
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Engine-Generator Features That Matter

An engine-generator (or gen-set, or just generator) is a piece of electromechanical equipment that creates electrical energy from mechanical energy to power electrical devices like light bulbs, refrigerators, heaters and computers.

  • Some sort of fuel is burned in the engine to create heat. The heat causes the pistons in the engine to expand (want to see how this happens in a graphic?) and that motion is translated to the rotor within the alternator.
  • The spinning action of the rotor induces a voltage difference in the stator windings within the alternator.
  • The windings are connected to an external circuit, and that circuit provides the alternating current (AC) used to power electrical devices.

Terms You Need to Know:

  • kW (Kilowatts): 1 kW equals 1000 W. This is the power the gen-set can provide. It is defined as the rate of energy transfer. A typical LCD big screen TV requires 250 W or .25 kW. A microwave typically requires 1 kW. See what power other home appliances require.
  • Surge/Starting Power: This is the advertized power most companies sell their generator with. It is the power a generator can provide for short time intervals like when starting a blender (1400 W) vs continuously running it (600 W).
  • Running/Continuous Power: This is the power a generator can provide continuously. It is usually advertized within the product description text not the title.

Features to look for in a gen-set:

  1. Fuel Type – You have the option of getting an engine that runs on diesel, petrol, propane or natural gas fuel. Their are pros and cons for each. Petrol/gasoline remains the most popular. You can see some ratings of each fuel type here.
  2. Inverter or ConventionalInverter generators are smaller, quieter and more fuel efficient than the conventional type. They are also more expensive for the power. The difference is they use magnets and an inverter and not the large amount of copper winding to induce the voltage difference and create the current flow to provide the alternating current. In addition, because they use an inverter to convert to AC they provide a cleaner/smoother electricity that can power your sensitive electronics like a laptop.

Types & Styles of Engine-Generators

It’s pretty easy to know which type of generator you want. You either want to move it around or you want it to stay put beside your house or in your RV.

The portable variety are the most affordable and least powerful. The standby variety are the most expensive and most powerful. The RV variety are in the middle. See the best of each variety here.

Generator Types and Sub-StylesPortableStandbyRV
What Type Looks LikeGenerac 5778 XG4000 Portable GeneratorGenerac Guardian Series 5875 Standby GeneratorGenerac 5851 RV Generator
Style 1Recreational
Essential Home Backup Power
Propane (LP)
Style 2Home
Entire House Backup Power
Style 3Job Site
Fuel TypesGasoline
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> Which fuel type?
> Which fuel type?
Best Reason To BuyMost VersatileMost DependableTake Your RV Deep Into The Wilderness Comfortably
Power Range (Running kW)0.8 - 17.57 - 1503.4 - 8.5
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I hope those portable, standby and RV generator reviews helped.

Cheers, Jamey